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Player Name: AnNika
Main LJ: breadmantic or Bread @DreamWidth
Contact: AIM [maypie lord], email anime_leet [at] hotmail [dot] com Plurk breadmantic

Character information
Character Name: Clive Dove ("Legal" Luke Triton)
Character Series: Professor Layton and the Unwound Future
Point in time: End game (Year apprx 1936)
Game: discedo
Possessions: Hat, canon outfit, plain clothes, bag, various puzzle objects, pens, paper, journal, bow & arrows

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Puzzle log: Last update: Nov 27
Journal: Last update:N/A

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No report; A change of pace
in lieu of the recent lj developments, the new rp account is abstruse @dw.

Eighth Report; Puzzling Matters
Kiss your cards goodbye
What an eerie silence. Did the sudden darkness leave a deeper chill in our hearts than we expected? Or has everyone here completely embarrassed themselves speechless since Christmas? Well! Perhaps a little story will cheer everyone here up a little, or at least pull a few of you out of hiding.

PUZZLE 005: Half as old
Two sisters are having a conversation. One says, "One year ago, I was exactly half as old as you were."

The older of the two sisters. "Ah, but one year from now, you'll still be half my age! Look, if you split the number into two parts, top and bottom, they both give your age in a years time!"

"Hey, you're right!" Cries the younger one. "That's quite something!" The two sisters laugh. ...Which leads me to ask, how old do you suppose the sisters are?

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Seventh Report ; Darkness falls
Kiss your cards goodbye
I don't know why, but I get the feeling that something isn't right.

[ Flora sits in bed, staring at the wall absently, knees pulled to her chest to keep herself warm. The blanket wasn't all that far away, but...well, she didn't much feel like getting up to grab it. She was a bit lost in thought as it was, trying to sort out how she felt about being in a new apartment, the mistletoe, and everything else there was to think about regarding recent events...

She shivers. ] Sleeping soon?Ah--[ She jumps a little, having not really noticed him enter. Her voice contains a smile] I suppose so, though I can't really say I'm all that tired.

Hmh... ((It's half of a laugh, and there's a small silence between the two of them. The bed squeaks lightly.)) You should still try to rest.

You're right, but...[ A laugh. ] Well, I'll see if I can fall asleep in a bit.

Alright. I'll be back shortly so you can get ready.

Alright... [ There's a pause followed by the sound of a door closing. For a short time there is some shuffling as Flora gets ready for bed. After the door creeks open again, there's a distinct sound of blankets being thrown over the bed. It creeks a few times, and Clive lets out a little sigh. There's a pause..)) Do you mind if...?

Hm...?! No not at all... [ She sounds incredibly flustered. Just what was he asking? ]

((ooc; woops this is what happens when you post when you're TOTALLY exhausted. Anyway, actual responses from CLIVE won't come until the next day.))

Editorial; Fourth Wall
Just checking
Oh my, what a mess we have here.

Six Report; Missing Girl
((AUDIO ; "Private" to Flora ; dated to this morning))
Flora...? Flora!

((But he'll receive no answer. Quiet, upset, and embarrassed, he gives up.))

((AUDIO ; "Filtered" from Flora ; dated to the evening))
Is anyone caring for a young woman named Flora..? She left last night and I haven't heard from her since. Perhaps I'm being impatient...

((...)) I suppose that isn't much of an announcement. Tell me, does anyone like riddles? Or even puzzles? I know a number, perhaps we could exchange some.

PUZZLE 003: What color marble?

A marble maker only makes marbles in a certain order, but as far as I can tell, he produces them in whatever color he wants without any consideration of a system.

...Oh! But look again. If we focus on just the most recent, there is some sort of pattern. Assuming he uses only the five colors we see now, what color would come next?


((ooc; The first part of this is a reaction to this thread. Flora is on canon update, so the attempt to contact her is public.))

Fifth Report; Things left unmentioned
Better days
Oh Clive. You've grown up so fast. ((A ghostly woman smiles, holding a picture in her hand with. Her hair is orange and protected under a bonnet. She seems to be dressed for bed, and glances forward just slightly. Behind her, an older man approaches, taking her at the shoulder and surprising her. She looks back and smiles, kissing him quickly.)) ░░░░░, have you seen this picture? It was ten years ago on his birthday, I remember your mother taking this. ((she giggles)) He had quite the spirit back then.

Hmm, he still does. Clive's grown up to be quite the astonishing young lad. I've a bon to pick with that young boy about tromping through the house with muddy shoes all the time, though. This football business is messing up my office.

Well, I think it's wonderful that he's finally making friends, and he's passing school with flying colors. He's finally come around, and I've never seen him happier. If a little dirt is the price to pay, I'll just make sweeping my favorite chore!


((The man smiles, nodding, then kisses his wife on the cheek.)) Perhaps, I'll show him off to my co-workers tomorrow, then. I think it's about time he learned what it is to be in a man's world. Good night, ░░░░░. Good night, Clive.

((The ghostly man's hand reaches out and pats something in the air, and the woman leans forward to kiss that same spot. Whispering her good-nights. Clive has been standing beside them, watching this unfold nervously, and staring at the picture in their hands. He is hidden from view, but it doesn't matter. Both parents disappear from view, leaving nothing to see. Clive turns to watch them go;

Good night, he whispers.))

Forth report;
Deadly smile
Ladies and Gentleman! I'd like to present to you... a magic trick! It's something I've been working on in my spare time, so please pay close attention.

Now, as you see here, I have a marble. It's quite the beauty, isn't it, I'm surprised I've found one in such perfect shape. NOW! I hope none of you have lost your attention, or this may not work. Then again, ((he moves his hand over the marble) perhaps this isn't working at all?

((Slamming his hand over the marble, he definitely causes a bit of a startle. Smirking, his lifts his hand, and sure enough?

It's gone.))


((He beams at his audience.)) That was all, I hope you enjoyed. ((He reaches over, but something is off. What just appeared behind him while you were distracted with the marble? you tell me.))

Third report ; How to Hunt
Maybe tomorrow
Is there anyone willing to teach somebody how to hunt? Surviving on canned food scavenged from god-knows-where and dividing it between three, including a growing boy has proved to be quite the puzzle. Perhaps a group of people....

Thank you.

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